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Which animal are you at work? Take the test!

Valentine Carton
by Valentine Carton Read time : 3min
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There are lots of expressions comparing humans to animals. And this is no surprise when you think about how every animal has its own behaviour and characteristics, which are often similar to those we see in humans. The world of work is no exception and is often compared to a jungle.  
What animal is most like you?  Take the test! 

Next week’s going to be tricky. Your team is going to have lots of work and you’re going to need to take on extra hours. What do you do?   

A) Do you best to motivate your team. If you all do your bit and stick together, there’s no reason why things should go wrong.  

B) Lead your team like an army general leading their troops to victory. Your approach will be uncompromising, but everything will be finished in time.  

C) Do what you can, but realise you’re only human.  

D) As long as nobody disturbs you, your work will be finished on time. 

It’s your colleague’s birthday tomorrow and a little party is planned. Will you go?  

A) You’re the one behind the party. You’ve arranged everything to make your colleague happy: they’ve worked so hard in recent months.  

B) You show your face out of respect, but quickly return to work. You don’t like wasting time.  

C) You’ll be going. It might be fun, and you’ll even be taking a box of chocolates, as you do for every birthday.  

D) You don’t really like this kind of event... But you might have a look at the end to see if there’s any cake left.   

You see two colleagues disagreeing in the middle of the office. How do you react?  

A) Try to mediate and resolve the dispute without taking sides. 

B) You find it futile and won’t be wasting time with such run-ins. You don't get involved, unless it affects your work.   

C) Take the side of the person you’re closest to. So you’re on the right side.  

D) Watch the entertainment from afar but don’t get involved.  

Your boss makes a decision you don’t really like and so gives you new instructions. Will you follow them?  

A) You find out what the team think about the new instructions and do what’s needed for the good of all.  

B) You go and see your boss in their office to begin some skilled negotiation. You know how to win people over.   

C) You obey them without question. They’ve come from your boss! 

D) You’re unhappy. You’ll do the bare minimum, even if it causes trouble.  

You have to work with a new team on a new project. What do you think about this?  

A) You love working with new people. Like a born leader, you’ll do what you can to help everyone do their best in a good working atmosphere.  

B) You step up as team leader. The most important thing is that the project succeeds. 

C) No problem. You just need to be told what to do, and you’ll do it.  

D) You’re not a big fan of group work. You focus on your task without interfering with other people’s work and, in return, don't expect your colleagues to interfere with your work.  

You want to start a new project. Where do you begin?  

A) You set up a team to support you and ask for their opinions before making a decision.  

B) You’re confident in yourself and prepare your best speech to win over your colleagues.  

C) No, this kind of thing isn’t for you.  

D) You just get on and start it without consulting your colleagues. Too bad if they don't like it.  


See the results: 

  • Mostly A: you’re a dog
    You’re optimistic, motivated and dynamic. You like team work. You think the working atmosphere is key. You’re reliable. Your colleagues and seniors can trust you.  
    Downside: By prioritising others, you may lose yourself. 

  • Mostly B: you’re a lion
    You’re charismatic and love power. You’re 100% immersed in your work and determined to succeed. You think candour is key, so will be open with colleagues. You expect the same in return. 
    Downside: Make sure you’re not too demanding with colleagues. You have a tendency to ignore their opinions.  

  • Mostly C: you’re a sheep
    You’re a lovely person and it’s easy to work with you. You do what’s expected of you and hate conflict. You’re that nice colleague who everyone likes having a coffee break with.  
    Downside: You don't show much initiative. You do what’s absolutely necessary without ever going further.  

  • Mostly D: you’re a cat
    You’re a solitary being. You’re independent and self-sufficient in your work. You don’t like anything being imposed on you. But when you do something, you take it seriously and work diligently. 
    Downside: Teamwork isn’t your strong point and hierarchical relationships can quickly become strained.   

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