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Cooptalis launches version 1.0 of its Softalis mobile app designed for the Talents it supports

Pauline Jxxx
by Pauline Jxxx Read time : 1min
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In recent months, the Talent supported by our services have been given priority access to using the BETA version of the Cooptalis mobile app. Once again selected as part of French Tech 120, Cooptais continues to expand and enrich its digital offer, to respond better to new recruitment challenges and candidate expectations. The group's digital team has therefore been working on the new version of the app, which is now called SOFTALIS 1.0, for several weeks. 

Our mobile app features

The BETA version of the Cooptalis app already included a number of features in order to facilitate recruitment, mobility and training procedures for Talent, such as:
- Receiving personalised notifications based on their status (HR information, invitation to webinars, news about professional mobility and expatriation, etc.)
- Access to new blog posts every week
- An FAQ with free and unlimited access to expert content so you can prepare for your business and mobility project

Now with the new version, users will have access to new features. We make Talent’s entire professional mobility process visible to them, including the progress of their recruitment, mobility and training procedures via a dedicated account.  
Each Talent can now see the status and details for their various procedures (recruitment, mobility, client project, etc.) and interact with our experts.
In addition, the app is now available and downloadable from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

 New features are still to be discovered in the coming months since Talent will soon be able to see:- Project and offer proposals
- Application follow-ups
- New content and business advice at each stage of their journey
- A catalogue of dozens of language and cultural training courses, most of them digitised to enable them to better prepare for mobility.

Why does it have a new name?

The Cooptalis mobile app has become the SOFTALIS app since it is integrated with our Talent Management Platform (TMP) allowing our clients and our Talent to facilitate their recruitment, mobility and training procedures: the SOFTALIS suite

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