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Expatriating to practise medicine in France: Alina’s story

Pauline Jxxx
by Pauline Jxxx Read time : 2min
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Discover the story of doctor, Alina MUSETESCU - of Romanian origin, with more than 8 years of experience in the field of dermatology, and a specialisation in aesthetic medicine. She is currently practising full-time in one of the largest public hospitals in Bucharest (around 500 beds, of which 40 are in dermatology).

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Tell us more about your everyday life as a doctor?

I treat patients in each of my specialist fields (with the exception of aesthetic dermatology), which includes a comprehensive range of consultations relating to the treatment of the skin, mycology, autoimmune disorders, nevi surgery, virology, venereology and oncology). 
Alongside this I practice in a private clinic, where I work both in general dermatology and in aesthetic dermatology (rejuvenating treatments, Botox, injections, mesotherapy, laser, etc.). I have also been working in clinical research for more than 20 years (clinical trials).  

Why did you choose this profession?

I previously had various different areas of specialisation, which I didn’t really enjoy, such as laboratory medicine, where I was always working at a microscope, or even internal medicine, which was too generalist for my liking.
I really found my true vocation in dermatology. 
I like my job very much, especially as it gives me the opportunity to practise in every area of my specialisation, retaining the ability to make decisions within the various structures. What I like the most is the contact with my patients, and the trust that they place in me.

Why did you choose to practice in France?

I wanted to leave Romania for various reasons… I work a lot, but this isn’t bringing me the satisfaction I crave. What’s more, my husband, who is a radiologist, is supporting me and also wants to be part of the project. 
Besides this, France is a country that I really love. My mum always encouraged me to learn and speak French – it’s a language that I love. 
I have attended several conferences in France where I had the opportunity to meet many French colleagues, and I appreciate the way they work, which is why I can see myself living and practising there.

How has Medictalis, part of the Cooptalis group assisted you in your project?

I have been aware of Cooptalis since 2018, when I was contacted by one of their consultants. I appreciated the discussions I had with the teams, as I was able to share all of my concerns and wishes within the context of my professional relocation project in France. They offered a listening ear and didn’t force me into making a decision. I was given time to reflect on it and discuss it with them, in order to make a considered decision. 
I was in continual contact with the whole team throughout the entire process of registering with the medical council, but also for meetings with various partners. 
All of this allowed me to make my mobility project a resounding overall success.

Which difficulties did you encounter?

The difficulties were linked mainly to my lack of confidence with regard to my level of French, however, I was able to practise with the Medictalis team and to introduce myself at the interview with the medical council to the best of my ability.

Would you recommend Medictalis to your colleagues?

It is difficult to follow and understand all of the procedures involved in submitting the file for registration with the medical council, which is why I recommend getting support from Medictalis. 
They share their expertise and help you through every step of your project, regardless of how long the project is scheduled to last.

If, in the future, you were to decide to change jobs, would you contact the Medictalis teams again to support you in your new project?

Yes, I think I would, for regardless of whether I was looking in the same city, or if I wanted to relocate to another region, I know that they offer a diverse range of options all over the country. 
Even if I were to have a specific project tomorrow, they would help me to find the post best suited to me. 

If you would like to find out more about Medictalis support for skilled workers, and let us be part of your project: contact us!

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