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7 reasons which prove that you are ready for EOR !

Marie Soullier
by Marie Soullier Read time : 2min
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In 2018, french association FEPS (Fédération des Entreprises du Portage Salarial) counted around 86,000 subcontractors in France. This innovative new form of work, which has more and more adherents every year, has been catching your eye for some time, but you don't know if this status could suit you and if you have the right profile? We give you 7 reasons that will prove to you that you are ready to let yourself go!

1. You are a job seeker, employee, retraining, self-employed, retired...

One of the most interesting advantages of EOR is that this status is accessible to any profile, whatever your age or your profession!

2. You justify a level of expertise in a specific field

Whether your services are intellectual, commercial or craft, your skills will be the only criteria judged by your client: you must bring him real added value! 

However, you should note that your qualification must result from significant experience of at least 3 years. Even if you think you have a talent in web design for example, you will have to prove it to your potential client

3. You are autonomous enough to find your own mission

You are resourceful, you know where and how to find your future clients and you can negotiate your own rate yourself?  It is a good thing! As a subcontractor, only you can canvass companies and set your price. 

And if you need a helping hand, business finder companies like Izyfree can help you find your mission.  

4. You don’t work in the field of personal service 

This is the only area of ​​activity incompatible with wage portage. Do not panic, you have around 750 other service jobs left.  

5. You would like to take benefit of the advantages of being a freelancer, but this doesn’t reassure you

Choose your clients and the duration of your missions, manage your own pace of work... while keeping the social cover (unemployment, sickness, and retirement) of a traditional employee on a permanent contract? This is possible by being a subcontractor! With this status, you are truly halfway between two work regimes and combine their advantages. In addition, you get the profit from your work thanks to a more substantial remuneration.

6. You don’t want to deal with administrative tasks related to freelancing 

That is what an umbrella company like Izyfree Portage is for: you do not have to do any administrative work. Your umbrella company takes care of turning your turnover into a payslip. You can fully concentrate on your missions without worrying about the rest!  

7. You hesitate to start because of the fear of not being accompanied or advised

Your umbrella company will support you in the launch of your activity as a subcontractor but also in your professional development, all in a benevolent setting! 

BONUS: You would like to become a freelancer, but you need more confidence before taking the plunge

Wage portage is indeed the ideal springboard: you can see it as a real transition between your permanent contract and the coveted freelance status! 

By being a subcontractor, you will be able to test your activity in complete safety. You will also have a more precise idea of ​​what you are worth in terms of ADR and you will already be used to the freelance working method even before becoming a freelancer. 

Find in this interview (in french) the testimony of Abdoul on his experience between wage portage and freelancing! 

So, are you now convinced? If you are indeed ready to take the plunge, do not hesitate to contact Cécile Dumeignil who will be happy to discuss it with you: cecile.dumeignil@izyfree.com

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