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The 15 jobs that will boost employment in 2021 according to LinkedIn

Joséphine Depoitte
by Joséphine Depoitte Read time : 3min
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In 2020, the health crisis disrupted the labour market, plunging some sectors into crisis while others grew strongly. However, we have every reason to remain positive because Pôle Emploi has identified more than two million recruitment opportunities in France in 2021. Here are the 15 areas of activity that will bring new life back to the job market, according to LinkedIn in France.

15. Artificial intelligence and data science

The AI and data science professions have been booming since 2020 and are recording a 40% increase in recruitment! There is no doubt that these two sectors are promising in both the short and long term. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is seeing very low gender parity, with 23% of women recruited.

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14. Engineering

Whether in IT, logistics, construction or the automotive industry, engineers are on a roll and have been for several years. Among the most sought-after skills and technologies: construction, project management, JavaScript, HTML5, Ansible, Docker solutions and Jira.
As far as job profiles are concerned, companies are looking for building engineers, application designers, operational safety engineers, QA testers, technical advisors and so on.

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13. Social networks and digital marketing

Online advertising is becoming more and more popular, and many companies have chosen to invest in it despite the current health crisis. Most of these positions are held by freelancers who started out as communications or sales managers. A wide range of job profiles, including marketing manager, growth hacker, social network manager and e-marketing manager are in demand in Paris, Grenoble and Bordeaux.

12. Well-being

Sports coach, physical trainer, yoga teacher, nutritionist... 2021 is all about well-being! LinkedIn is seeing a significant number of people retraining in this area, and many companies and individuals are looking for professionals, particularly in Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nantes.

11. Insurance

1,015 posts were filled in 2020, and there are still just as many vacant! The sector took off in 2020 and has grown by 54%. If you are an insurance agent, insurance broker, claims representative or insurance consultant, many companies in Paris, Lyon, Rennes and Orléans are looking to recruit you.

10. Education

With 4,724 vacancies currently on LinkedIn, the education sector is mainly recruiting specialised teachers, early childhood educators, educational advisors and school teachers in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

9. Sales and Business Development

Faced with the current crisis, many companies have had to reinvent and transform themselves to keep their heads above water. More than ever before, the sales and business development professions are in the spotlight. In Paris, Lille and Lyon, companies are recruiting automobile salesmen, sales negotiators, partnership managers, business development managers and sales operations managers.

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8. Personal and professional coaching

Some of you may have felt the need to seek professional or personal coaching during lockdown periods. Numerous profiles, including individual support consultants, career management consultants, professional coaches, and professional development coaches, are in demand, mainly in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and Nantes.

7. Early childhood

Nursery assistant, childcare assistant, childminder, there are currently 26,000 vacancies on LinkedIn. Indeed, many parents are looking for childcare solutions, especially while schools are closed. The number of jobs filled in the sector has increased by 62% compared to 2019.

6. Help for elderly people

Once again, the Covid-19 crisis has highlighted a lack of staff in French retirement and nursing homes. Many posts are available in this field, including home care assistant and retirement home director posts in Paris, Lyon and Nantes.

5. Logistics and supply chain

With over 3,000 vacancies on LinkedIn, logistics is recruiting! Online shopping generated growth of 65% compared with 2019 in this sector. The most sought-after jobs: logistics agent, logistics assistant, stock manager and logistics manager in Paris, Lyon, Lille and Orléans.

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4. Support staff in health facilities

Health care institutions are looking for healthcare staff with administrative skills, including telephone reception and appointment scheduling. In November 2020 alone, l’Assurance Maladie recorded 500,000 online consultations, i.e. an increase of 1000%! This record figure is driving the recruitment of medical secretaries, dental assistants, nursing assistants and medical specialists in Paris, Lyon and Lille.

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3. Property

This goes hand in hand with the explosion of home-working! In France, 1 in 7 workers is currently working from home and not always under ideal conditions. Many of us have dreamed of a garden or a proper office during lockdown! Many French people have moved house, and the property industry noted an increase of 46% in 2020. The most sought-after professions: estate agent, property advisor, property administrator, property developer and co-ownership manager in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

2. Specialised medical professions

This is the topic we have heard about every day since 2020; the lack of medical and hospital staff! Many players in the healthcare market are recruiting, and there are over 20,000 nursing vacancies on LinkedIn. Among the most sought-after professions are nurse, certified care assistant, doctor, pharmacist, hospital pharmacist and psychometrist in Paris, Lyon and Orléans.

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1. The retail industry

This is one of the sectors spared by Covid-19 that will be recruiting in France in 2021.  During lockdown, drive-through outlets tripled their average turnover, and the major supermarket chains saw a growth of 86%! The occupations in highest demand: order picker, cashier, warehouse staff, packer, and shop assistant in Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

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If you are looking for a job in one of these sectors on a permanent or fixed-term contract, as a temporary employee, through an umbrella company or as a freelancer, the Cooptalis group has a wide range of job offers and solutions for your professional future.

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