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Magellan and EuRA certifications: a double reward for Cooptalis!

Virginie Le Baler
by Virginie Le Baler Read time : 2min
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Being certified, stamped, labeled… is always an event! And more than that: it is to see one’s work recognized by customers; its expertise validated by professionals; it is to evolve within your industry; it is to expand your network; it is to put forward the whole company, and it is a hope that this recognition will bring new opportunities to all services.

The 2020 rewards

This year, the immigration department won two certifications: the Magellan label (which was renewed for 2021) and the EuRA certification. It is a great pride for a rather young pole (less than 2 years!), and these awards allow us to joinMaroc Intégration at Magellan, as well as The Map group and Link Mobilité at EuRA.
Next step: follow the path of our Moroccan and Belgian colleagues! The Map group and Maroc Intégration are also part of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (WER) - the ambition for Cooptalis Immigration is to join them in 2021. Participating in the GIN (Global Immigration Network) of which Isabelle Prémont is one of the founders is also on the program.

 What benefits for cooptalis?

All these corporations aim to bring together international professionals in global mobility and its professions (immigration, relocation, taxation, etc.). Magellan focuses more on France, the EuRA on Europe and the  WERC is global. It is difficult to get in but quite easy to get out: the selection process involves an in-depth survey of customers (7 for Magellan, 7 for Eura) who must demonstrate their satisfaction in working with us through questionnaires and interviews.  It would naïve to think that once the Precious is won, it remains ours forever: the process is relaunched regularly (every year or every 2 years) to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction.

Cooptalis' contribution to these groups is threefold.


In terms of visibility, first of all. In the global mobility industry, as in many other sectors, everyone knows each other, word of mouth works very well, and a reputation is built and broken very quickly.Being Magellan certified and participating regularly in events is a strong signal sent to customers (and competitors!) and establishes the presence of Cooptalis as a recognized expert in immigration.In recent years, the market has changed and many of us sell the same services: reputation and visibility play a huge role in the acquisition of market share.


Commercial, then – for clients, being certified is very reassuring, especially on complex issues such as immigration and taxation.Being able to present this label is a key argument in the commercial discussion: saying «we are Magellan labeled» always creates a reaction.


The last advantage is the network: thanks to these groups, we obviously have access to a panel of customers, we can participate as experts in organized events (for example, Magellan regularly requests our immigration experts to intervene during global mobility webinars) and we can discuss with other global providers who, apart from sharing their experience with us, oriented our thoughts on global mobility, might bring us advice and new business synergies!

And then, being labeled is also and above all to be congratulated for all the work we have provided, the solutions we have found, the hours we have spent racking our brain, and all the satisfaction we will keep on providing to our clients.It’s like a chef winning a Michelin star – and in the end, for the teams, it’s the most enjoyable reward!


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