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Testimony of Peggy REMY, Digital Director Motoblouz

Julie Leprohon
by Julie Leprohon Read time : 3min
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Back on the collaboration Motoblouz and Cooptalis through the testimony of Peggy Remy, Digital Director.


Tell us about your company, its objectives and field of activity      

Motoblouz is a company that is about fifteen years old. It was created in the Hauts-de-France region, with the initial idea being to sell motorbike jackets. We gradually extended our offer, and today we sell motorbike accessories.      
We are the market leader in online motorbike equipment and accessories throughout metropolitan France and its overseas departments and territories. We also have a presence in the Spanish and Italian markets.                   

Historically a purely e-commerce product, today we sell motorbike accessories online but also in our two physical shops in Hauts-de-France, in Carvin and Seclin.          
We have not been impacted much by store closures because most of our activity is done on the web. We have therefore been relatively shielded, but we cannot wait to see our customers once again in our stores!      

How would you describe your employees?          

It is above all a large family of motorbike enthusiasts, but not only that! They are passionate about their profession, with a keen sense of service for our customers.                        
Our company is made up of around 160 employees from all sectors: logistics, digital, IT, sales, etc., divided between Hauts-de-France and Barcelona. The head office, located in Carvin, is called the “paddock” in reference to the world of motorbikes.  

We really put the emphasis on our commitment to our customers, the quality of service, and the quality of experience. Our customer service department is made up of motorbike advisors who are able to advise, they have a real understanding of sales support and advice, in the same way as our in-store sales staff, who are able to talk about our products with skill and passion. These characteristics are vital when recruiting our staff.

Our level of employee engagement is more than 80% in our recruitment; we want to keep that, the culture of engagement.

What is your role within Motoblouz?  

I am the digital director. As part of my duties, I am in charge of the IT department, the information systems department and everything related to user experience.

How did you hear about Cooptalis?          

Through my previous professional experience, in particular thanks to my previous collaboration with Italent, which is now part of the Cooptalis Group. I had previously worked with Christophe Debray at Italent, both when I was at Auchan and in my experience at Pictime Group.       

I particularly appreciate the ability of the teams to understand our expectations. We benefit from real listening, from a real understanding of the need from a technical and hard skills point of view, but also in terms of the personality of the soft skills of our employees. Cooptalis also has a very good understanding of the profiles which may correspond to the company and which may coincide with the brand's DNA.    

Tell us about Motoblouz's values and DNA        

At Motoblouz, we have a strong DNA. We have this desire to bring in people who are compatible with our DNA but who will also bring a new perspective. We find a base of common values: customer commitment, quality, the search for performance and what we call here: the culture of winning! Like on a motorbike circuit: we want to go on the offensive and cross the finish line first! This internal culture of challenge that we want to find in our employees.

Why did you call on Cooptalis?        

We asked Cooptalis for a specific recruitment on which we had difficulty moving forward. Our HR team is quite small and is responsible for recruiting different profiles (store, salesperson, logistics teams). Our HR department is not specialised in recruiting this kind of technical profile. We must rely on specialists who will have the ability to target the right profiles with a high level of requirement.

What do you like about our collaboration?

In this collaboration I particularly appreciated the approach of the Cooptalis teams. The teams have been able to reorient our recruitment, particularly here on a freelance profile through Izyfreelance (NB: our company specializing in the recruitment of self-employed workers). For our recruitment, the teams therefore worked in parallel on the search for a freelancer open to being hired later.          
Thanks to this approach, we can meet employees who were not necessarily open to recruitment but who may finally be open to it through a prior assignment. 

This good coordination of headhunting and freelance services is a strength for Cooptalis!

What I also appreciate a lot with all the people I have met is the transparency in the difficulties as well as the ability to question the profile sought. Without forgetting the fluidity in relations, communication, and visibility on recruitments.          

The Cooptalis teams are in agreement with our convictions, the teams manage to understand them. Example: the candidate we selected did not fill all the boxes in terms of experience; however, he had a very good match for the profile. When we met him we understood that he had the ability to understand and learn quickly and finally he fits perfectly with the Motoblouz DNA!

How did the different phases of the interview go?       

The Cooptalis teams first of all carried out an interview, we then had a second interview with the technical manager who was going to supervise the candidate. The recruitment was quite fast, we met the candidate mid-week and the did interview on the Friday!

Our Cooptalis teams are delighted to work with Motoblouz on a daily basis! Did you like this interview? Read our other testimonials! 

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