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Meet our teams in Africa!

Esther Monfort
by Esther Monfort Read time : 1min
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Cooptalis Africa supports you in Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Egypt. Just a few words to get you acquainted with the people who take care of your Talents.

Nadia and Ahlam recruit the bests! Nadia identifies the best international talents for your development in Africa. Her research methods and evaluation of international profiles make her your best ally for internationalising on the continent.

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Ahlam, who specializes in North African markets, combines an understanding of international issues with in-depth expertise in local markets. Setting up an HR policy locally, managing an RPO and sourcing the best local or diaspora profiles are all strings she and her team can add to your bow!


For relocation to Africa, Margerie and her team manage all the countries where we are present. The well-being of your employees is her foremost concern. She will see to it that they and their families are settled properly.


In Morocco, Alya and her team will guide you through all the immigration formalities (arrivals - stay - departure). Education, rigour, patience and perseverance are her watchwords when it comes to supporting your employees in transitional periods, when compliance leaves no room for compromise.

Alya (2)

Adama's got it covered! Upon your arrival in the Ivory Coast, Adama is THE person you need. As operations manager of our office in Abidjan, she manages activities, immigration, taxation and relocation. International mobility in the Ivory Coast is her strength!


Siwar knows the ins and outs of mobility to and from Tunisia by heart. She supports employees during these transitions with a real intercultural sensitivity and an excellent understanding of international HR and business issues.


Caroline sets you up in Cairo. In this city of incredible size where the time is like nowhere else, Caroline helps you find your home sweet home.


So now you know about the day-to-day of the teams that support your Talents! Do you have a question about the professional mobility of your Talents in Africa? Don't delay and contact us now, we will be delighted to talk to you!

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