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Hiring a freelancer: advantages for businesses

Joséphine Depoitte
by Joséphine Depoitte Read time : 1min
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France has an estimated 930,000* freelancers. And this number is growing, with many workers and businesses now convinced that freelancing is a valid option. But, as many recruiters will have wondered, when is it a good idea to recruit a freelancer? Here are some things you need to know.

Choose speed and flexibility

Unexpected things, like new projects and deadlines, come up in business life. If you need to deal with a busy period, a freelancer may be available at short notice and for just a few months. Your company can also decide to extend their role if needed. However, this increased availability and flexibility works both ways. A freelancer may not want to extend their role. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to manage everyone’s expectations and come up with solutions if there is a problem.

Choose expertise and experience

For a business to achieve its goals, it can recruit a freelancer to a position of responsibility. Why? If a project is going to be short, it can be a big advantage to work with a freelancer who already has similar experience at competitor companies! For example, a freelance project manager who has worked at several organisations in the same sector will be able to foresee problems and save valuable time.          
Freelancers can also meet a specific need. For example, if an IT project requires expertise in a particular software or programming language, it’s a good idea to choose a freelancer.

Choose fewer legal obligations

Businesses will incur costs when recruiting a freelancer, just like with traditional recruitment. You can’t get experience and/or expertise for free. Freelancers’ average day rates may also seem high (30% to 40% higher for an IT consultant)*. However, as freelancers are self-employed, businesses don’t have to pay national insurance or employer contributions for them, unlike for their employees.

Recruit the right person

So, you’ve decided to get a freelancer in next time you recruit. But, with thousands of online profiles out there, how do you find the right person for the job? Submit your request to Izyfreelance.   
Our team will help you fine-tune your needs and recruit the perfect person for your role.

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