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How to avoid issues and misunderstandings when you hire a freelancer

Joséphine Depoitte
by Joséphine Depoitte Read time : 1min
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Looking for a freelancer to help your company for the first time? As a recruiter, you might think this will be a typical recruitment process. You might even expect it to be easier than normal. And it’s true that hiring a freelancer  means less administration for a business and, often, a short-term contractual commitment. However, you do need experience and/or support to avoid any nasty surprises or misunderstandings while the freelancer is in the role.

Choose the right technical profile

There are various platforms you can use to find a freelancer in 2021. Many people with different skills and levels of seniority are out there. But how do you choose from the endless candidates available?

Freelancers are often used for a specific assignment requiring specialist skills you don’t have in-house. There are experts available to support you in choosing the right sourcing tools, triage candidates and check their motivation for your role. Our Izyfreelance team work with qualified freelancers whose network, references and average daily rates have been verified.

Next, arrange a competency-based interview with your internal teams. This will help you check the freelancer is suitable for the assignment.

Select someone who aligns with your company values

It’s always important to check a candidate’s skills and values, whatever kind of role you’re recruiting for. With freelancers being independent, it can be hard to work out if their approach will fit in with the rest of your team. Independent workers know exactly what they want and don’t want. They may have specific requirements, which you should meet. Don’t forget that 30.5% of freelancers actually go freelance because they’re tired of salaried jobs and classic management methods.  

To prevent any misunderstandings, you need to know your freelancer well before their assignment begins. Contact our Izyfreelance team to make sure your freelancer is the perfect match for your internal team's values. Our experts have interviewed every freelancer they work with and can find you the right person.

Carry out administrative checks

The final element to check is administration. Freelancers must be legally registered. Make sure everything is in order, including their insurance, invoicing and legal compliance. Of course, this all takes time. Happily, our Izyfreelance team can do it for you to make sure you don’t miss anything.

No matter the situation, to help you avoid any misunderstandings or issues with your consultant, Izyfreelance will support you with everything from sourcing to administration management.

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