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Digitalisation for your HR teams:  challenges and benefits

Julie Leprohon
by Julie Leprohon Read time : 3min
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The Covid-19 health crisis has shaken up our work habits - our way of communicating, of recruiting and being recruited. During the lockdown periods, we were required to quickly adopt new digital tools in order to alleviate the situation and thus continue to maintain links. The use of collaborative platforms, digital tools and software has multiplied within companies and, more particularly in the world of HR, however, this begs the question as to the associated challenges and the advantages they offer.  

The shift towards the digitalisation of HR processes

In view of the digital shift within the world of work, many companies have chosen to automate a selection of their daily processes.This new ambition is leading teams to ask questions with regard to the profitability of their tasks, their internal processes and, consequently, their skill in applying these new tools on a daily basis. Also driven by candidates as they search for positions, this digital revolution is impacting the world of Human Resources. 

What are the challenges?   

Boosting performance - both in terms of individual projects and the company as a whole, establishing new internal processes, improving the daily lives of employees, offering new services, establishing loyalty and supporting candidates, customers, partners and employees, making agency life easier, facilitating the tasks assigned of each employee... this digital transition must be realised well, as the stakes are incredibly high! 

Once the objectives have been well defined, the next step is to take action and implement the transition. This digital transformation is becoming a real challenge for teams, who are required to adapt, train themselves, train their employees and support their customers throughout the transformation.   

Human Resources departments can, for example, adopt an HRIS - Human Resources Information System.This tool brings together several software packages that enable the management and automation of processes and assignments in the field.   

Digitisation and automation

Digitisation: accessibility, flexibility and security

The objective : to reduce paper and materials, converting them into digital format. Digitisation offers your teams a better system of organisation, legal protection and ensures the security of all your data.     

Your HR teams can elect to digitise pay slips, invoices, absence and leave requests and other internal procedures using their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This is a management system that allows you to control and interconnect the various departments within your company. It brings flexibility and agility to your teams by standardising all of the operational processes within your company. 

Automation : saving time and efficiency

Automation consists of relying on software to perform and manage various recurring tasks and daily duties. This results in a reduction in the number of intermediaries, as well as time savings, thus allowing your employees to concentrate on areas in which they really add value.

On the Human Resources side, and thanks to the adoption of an HRIS, certain tasks are becoming 100% digital, such as payroll management, recruitment (including the sorting of applications), training, career development monitoring, etc.  
For recruitment services, the use of digitalisation involves a high volume of data. The quantity of information, CVs, applications and offers is vast, and all that is required is that it be sorted and then exploited.          

The use of automation can save teams precious time, thanks in particular to the algorithms present in these new tools. This technology aims to intelligently manage your numerous flows of previously collected information. Fully customisable, they allow you to classify your data according to various criteria of your choice.  

A successful digital transition?   

The first advantage of such a digital transformation within your company is, of course, the time saving. Within an HR team, for example, the HR Director and his/her staff will focus more on more complex assignments, and delegate more time-consuming tasks (management of leave requests, medical check-up reminders, training reminders, etc.).An emphasis will also be placed on employee autonomy.   

This digital transformation involves an adjustment period. In order to allow everyone to familiarise themselves with these new tools, their implementation may have to be accompanied by training courses. You will thus be offering your employees the opportunity to develop new habits and acquire new skills within your company.       

Thanks to the digitalisation of your processes, your workforce becomes more agile and more autonomous, which has an impact on the overall productivity of your company. 

47 %
of HR Directors consider modernisation, digitalisation and HR transformation to be a priority.*

Digital technology, to strengthen your ties

In addition to the innovative functionalities and advantages obtained thanks to the digitalisation of your procedures, you will be able to strengthen communication with each of your targets.The adoption of a collaborative platform boosts your reactivity and accelerates your internal and external exchanges (instant messaging, ticketing system etc). 
Your dashboard helps you keep an eye on all your processes, files and procedures. In terms of recruitment, a dedicated and carefully selected interface allows you to track the status of a candidate in the process of being recruited, to manage his/her recruitment or mobility, and also to maintain a link with him/her remotely, all in real time.  

Softalis: the Cooptalis software suite

Based on our customers' desire to digitalise, we created Softalis, our software suite and platform for connecting our talents with our customers, experts and partners, in real time. Softalis brings significant time savings, great reliability and fluidity to all your processes.             
Want to know more about Softalis ? Contact us!

* (Gras Savoye Willis Towers Watson, avril 2020)

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