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Brexit: it’s time to think of your British employees’ situation!

Leena Chevallier
by Leena Chevallier Read time : 1min
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From October 1st, 2020, French employers of British nationals must take actions for their employees in France to comply with the new requirements imposed by the Brexit.

From January 1st, 2021, Great Britain will indeed not comply with EU rules, including the ones related to free movement of UE citizens. Therefore, making sure your British employees are compliant with French law in order for them to keep on living, working and studying in France is important.

Arrival before december 31, 2020

The French government has provided some derogatory measures for British citizens arriving in France before December 31st, 2020: a specific residence permit entitled “Accord de retrait du Royaume-Uni de l'UE” is implemented.  The duration of this permit will depend on the purpose and the length of the British national's stay in France, and this permit will be compulsory from July 1st, 2021. It is therefore important to take the necessary steps upstream to be on time and avoid the likely rush towards the end of the period! 

Arrival after december 31, 2020

For British citizens arriving in France after December 31st, 2020, the usual procedure for non-EU members must be followed in order to obtain a residence permit adapted to their situation (employment, family reunification, studies, etc.).

Our immigration teams support you!

We’re here to support you with these requirements: our team of immigration experts has launched the EasyBrex offer to assist you!

Brexit new regulations coming up imply immigration changes. Lost between postponements, transition phases and concrete applications of the new laws, it is not necessarily easy to rest assured about your compliance in terms of immigration. Cooptalis helps you and offers you solutions, on both sides of the Channel!

The international immigration experts team at Cooptalis offers you:

- Advice: a case study providing you tailored-made solutions
- Expertise: management of your immigration files from A to Z
- Webinar: together with our UK lawyer, we’ll answer your Brexit questions in October. Follow us  not to miss the date!

For more information about our Easybrex offer and share your issues : https://bit.ly/3lOJfan

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