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2S2I & Cooptalis collaboration

Julie Leprohon
by Julie Leprohon Read time : 3min
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"What I really appreciate about Cooptalis, aside from working with my dedicated contacts, are the employees they source for us.” Franck CHARTIER,CEO, 2S2I Méditerranée discusses his collaboration with the Cooptalis teams.


Describe your company, its objectives, the sectors in which it is active…    

2S2I is an IT consulting company that was established around 15 years ago in Montpellier, with a desire to support our clients through Consulting, Support and Technical Expertise.         
In Montpellier, we do not cater towards any specific industry, serving everything from banks and the finance sector, to industrial companies.       

Having experienced significant growth, 2S2I established various entities, with a view to creating a network within France: Île-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and Aix-en Provence. We now utilise more than 150 consultants, with reasonably sustained growth. In order to address this need, 2S2I works with a network of partners, and Cooptalis is one of our key partners.        

What made you want to work with Cooptalis?    

I collaborated with Cooptalis when working for my previous company. When I came to 2S2I, I made sure that we could work together again!      

What was the problem you were facing when you called upon Cooptalis?  

At my company, 2S2I, I am responsible for establishing a network of partners in order to meet customer needs. We recruit staff, both internally via our internal HR cell, and through partners such as Cooptalis.    
I called upon Cooptalis to support us in the sourcing of specific talents. They also have staff on hand within the company who can provide unique perspective, in order to proactively anticipate the needs of my customers.       

How does your organisation operate in terms of recruitment?  

In each town/city in which we have a presence, there is an entity director, a sales representative or a recruitment manager, however the demand is so sustained that our recruitment managers do not necessarily have staffing capacity in keeping with their needs.    
I really believe in networking; in partnership, and this is why, in Montpellier, it is our recruitment manager who compiles our requirements and communicates them to Chloé, your business developer at Cooptalis. She is our designated point of contact, and personally oversees the search for candidates. Thanks to her intervention, Cooptalis is becoming an extension of our own team!    

What do you like about collaborating with us? 

What I really appreciate about Cooptalis, aside from working with my dedicated contacts, are the employees they source for us. They are competent members of staff, who bring genuine value to the team. Competence, from a technical perspective is of course important, but so too are soft skills. They are accustomed to working on assignment, and you get the feeling that candidates are pre-approved in advance. They are carefully chosen, pre-selected and well prepared. 
They all have fantastic interpersonal skills and integrate very well with our customers. When Chloé, our dedicated contact, sends profiles to us, a pre-approval interview is also conducted prior to sending them out to our customers and, as a general rule, we are not disappointed!       

"The Cooptalis staff really have interviews down to a tee. Having a candidate who can present his career history to a client is 90% of the work, and a significant time-saving!"  

Cooptalis’ strength also lies in having mobile employees deployed at customer sites that can sometimes be difficult to staff. This mobility allows us to ensure the staffing of all of our entities within France!      
2S2I and Cooptalis share a common set of values, which is apparent when talking to the contact persons, but also when communicating with consultants.   

A close relationship, built on trust and transparency... when you work with nice people, why deprive yourself of interaction? Chloé actually came to visit us in Montpellier, and it was nice to see a partner who was willing to travel!          

How can the Cooptalis group continue to support you in the future?

We are not yet making sufficient use of Cooptalis’ full service offering. Although we don’t really have a need for it at the moment, we are aware that there is an entire range of support options with regard to mobility. It’s great to have this wide range of services available!        

The immigration service may be of interest to us. If we were to identify employees who are not based in France, we would then leave the management of the procedure and the respective files in your hands. We don’t do enough of this type of collaboration. 

"It’s a genuine pleasure to collaborate with 2S2I and to be able to provide support in fulfilling their requirements regarding the national recruitment of IT talents.          
We share the same human values, with an emphasis on cooperation and transparency, and the teams are as professional as they are friendly. 
In a nutshell, this is a partnership that is showing no sign of stopping!"
Chloé, Business Manager, Cooptalis    

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